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Forming Europe
Political education in and for (Eastern) Europe

Eckart D. Stratenschulte, Nadine Piolot

Deutsche Fassung


The goal of political education since 1945 has been the fostering of a mature and responsible citizenry. However, political education is now facing a crisis of acceptance. After the end of the East-West conflict, some people think it is no longer needed. But political education is a way of cultivating democracy, even in democracies that seem to be firmly established. In an age of European integration, this task no longer stops at national borders. The eastern enlargement of the EU has accelerated the europeanization of politics and the economy, but political education has so far been unable to keep up with these dynamic developments. At the EU level there are not enough competences. Those involved in political education must therefore redouble their efforts to promote responsibility, participation, and democracy in and for Eastern Europe; it is in their interests that the European project should succeed.

(Osteuropa 8/2005, pp. 49–58)