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Kievan Knots
Restitution between Ukraine, Germany, Russia and Poland

Serhij Kot

Deutsche Fassung


The return of cultural assets is more multi-faceted for Ukraine than for most European states. Germany demands from Ukraine the return of art looted by the Soviets. Poland wants Ukraine to restitute cultural assets transferred as a consequence of the Second World War and to turn over numerous cultural assets located in those Ukrainian territories that were part of Poland until 1939. Ukraine shares with Russia the point of view that Germany should not only be making demands, but should compensate for the immense destruction suffered on Ukrainian territory during the war. Both Ukraine and Russia consider the status of ownership that came into being after 1945 as lawful. Simultaneously, Kiev is engaged in a row with Moscow over the return of cultural assets that were stolen from Ukraine during the German occupation and returned to the Soviet Union, but then taken to Russia instead of Ukraine.

(Osteuropa 1-2/2006, pp. 287–300)