Cover Osteuropa 4/2006

In Osteuropa 4/2006
Teil des Dossiers Energie

Power from Renewable Energy
The Stepchild of East European Energy Strategy

Petra Opitz

Deutsche Fassung


Renewable energy has enormous potential in East Central and Eastern Europe, but it is scarcely used. The legacy of central planning – low energy prices, excessive energy production and preference for large projects – impedes the use of renewable energy. Nuclear energy is often seen as a form of high technology, mastery of which guarantees prestige and is good for a country’s image. Renewable energy does not enjoy this kind of symbolic value in Eastern Europe. Few are aware that renewable energy reduces dependence on fossil raw materials, boosts security of supplies and has a positive affect on labour markets. For the countries of East-Central Europe, EU accession has considerably improved the basic conditions for exploiting renewable energy more intensively than in the past.

(Osteuropa 4/2006, pp. 187–198)