Cover Osteuropa 10/2007

In Osteuropa 10/2007

The Erosion of Post-Communism
Ukrainian Political Culture in Flux

Gerhard Simon

Deutsche Fassung


Ukraine is neither a consolidated democracy, nor an authoritarian system. It remains in a post-Communist transitional stage and is struggling to find its way into the future. The post-Communist characteristics of the country’s polit-ical culture are highly visible. The progress in overcoming this culture and the moves made in the direction of democracy are unmistakable. The constitution may well be disputed. That hinders the establishment of political institutions, which then end up a plaything for power-seeking interests. But Ukraine is the only country in the Commonwealth of Independent States where free and fair elections take place and freedom of the press reigns. A national consensus that includes an orientation towards the European Union is taking shape.

(Osteuropa 10/2007, pp. 29–42)