Cover Osteuropa 11/2007

In Osteuropa 11/2007

Dimensions of Conflict Resolution
The EU and Georgia's Renegade Territories

Bruno Coppieters

Deutsche Fassung


The European Union is trying to mediate in the secession conflicts between Georgia and South Ossetia as well as Abkhazia. In doing so, it is relying on conflict prevention, conflict transformation, international conflict management, and conflict resolution. Its efforts, however, are being thwarted. Georgia would like settlement immediately, the leaderships of the separatist territories, on the other hand, are playing for time with Russia's support. Tbilisi is trying to break the blockade by escalation, but with that, it is undermining confidence building and the prospects of a status settlement acceptable for Georgia.

(Osteuropa 11/2007, pp. 67–82)