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In Osteuropa 12/2007

“Resistance” and “insubordination” in Minsk
Resistive behaviour in the Soviet Union

Thomas M. Bohn

Deutsche Fassung


Soviet Studies position non-conformism between intellectual dissent, counter-worlds offered by the church and traditional values. In general, the notion prevails that conscience and behaviour are different in the public and private arenas. In order to be able to categorise resistive behaviour among the “little people”, the terms “resistance” and “insubordination”, which have usefully been applied in NS and GDR research, are helpful. This is reflected in an analysis of behaviour among illegal settlers, deceived tenants and a Pentecostal community in Minsk after Stalin’s death. “Resistance” and “insubordination” are forms of withdrawal and deviation from the official order which are not necessarily politically motivated.

(Osteuropa 12/2007, pp. 79–96)