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Good Governance or Security?
EU Anti-Corruption Policy in the Southern Caucasus

Lili Di Puppo

Deutsche Fassung


European Neighbourhood Policy aims to spread democracy and rule of law to the European Union’s neighbours. Simultaneously, it responds to external security threats along EU borders. With that, the ENP combines the normative instruments of enlargement policy with a strategic foreign policy agenda. This is revealed in EU anti-corruption policy as well. In the process, the EU runs the risk that its security policy goals will run counter to the goals of the ENP states. In addition, the ENP’s approach, which is tailored to the states of the 2004 round of enlargement, misses the mark when it comes to the problems of countries such as Georgia, which find themselves in the phase of state building.

(Osteuropa 2-3/2007, pp. 297–304)