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In Osteuropa 4/2007

Something New from the Partisan Forests
Artur Klinau on Subversive Culture and the Culture of the Subversive

Artur Klinaŭ

Deutsche Fassung


One year after the protests against the manipulated presidential election in Belarus were defeated, Belarusian artist and writer Artur Klinau feels his country has again fallen into a lethargic slumber. But hibernating under adverse conditions is nothing new for Belarusians. The wars and devastations which again and again rolled through the country, from the east and the west, have helped create a partisan mentality which has kept the nation from disappearing. Under dictator Lukashenka, the opposition is not holding the country open to Europe. This role is being taken over by modern, subversive art and literature, which are being done justice in, for example, Klinau's magazine pARTisan.

(Osteuropa 4/2007, pp. 93–100)