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Pension Reform in the Baltics
New Models Tested in Practice

Claudia-Yvette Matthes, Monika Kačinskienė, Feliciana Rajevska, Anu Toots

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Since the implementation of pension reform in the Baltic states several years ago, some successes have taken shape in a number of areas. The pension system was relieved in financial terms, and black market activity has been contained. The new pension funds, which are covered by capital and offered in all three countries alongside the old-age provisions funded by shared financing, are enjoying considerable popularity and have so far brought high returns. Alone old-age poverty, which has hit many pensioners in Latvia and, to a lesser extent, in Lithuania, could not be remedied by pension reform. In this respect, there is still need for further reform.

(Osteuropa 7/2007, pp. 47–56)