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”The Landscape is Co-Author of My Memorial Sites…“

Leanid Levin

Deutsche Fassung


For the Belarusian public, the name of architect Leanid Levin, born in 1936, is inseparably linked with the memorial site for the villages in Khatyn’, which were destroyed by the German occupiers during the Second World War. In the period that followed, war memorials became a central theme in his life, although the broad spectrum of his creations includes residential areas, office and apartment buildings, convention centres, subway stations, and parks. Since 1992, Levin has also been the chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities in Belarus. In 2003, together with Dortmund’s Association for International Education and Exchange, his organization opened on the former site of the Minsk ghetto the first history workshop to appraise the blank spots of the Second World War in Belarus. In 2008, Levin was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his work in reconciliation.

(Osteuropa 6/2008, pp. 247–252)