Cover Osteuropa 2-3/2009

In Osteuropa 2-3/2009

Dynamism and Persistence
A European Public and Its Borders

Gemma Pörzgen

Deutsche Fassung


More and more frequently, calls are heard for a European public – and this although it has existed for a long time: as a polyphonic choir of national media that reflects the diversity of Europe and can hardly be managed. But in the European Commission, there is a strong desire to gain influence within this sphere and to form an EU public. But the numerous media projects here are not without a certain degree of artificiality. Only a few will do justice to the high standards set. The Internet may offer many chances for cross-border discourse, but as a globalised medium, it can hardly be limited to the European Union. Furthermore, there are few persons who could become identification figures for Europe.

(Osteuropa 2-3/2009, pp. 237–250)