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In Osteuropa 2-3/2009

Freedom Is Not Masculine
The Czech Women’s Movement before and after 1989

Jiřina Šiklová

Deutsche Fassung


Socialism maintained that it had resolved the issue of the sexes. But for women decreed equality meant above all a double burden on the job and in the family. They did not have access to decision-making positions of power as it was anyway. Even worse, however, was the violation of elementary civil and human rights. While the Czech women’s movement was nationalised, strong-willed Czech women fought for the freedom of all members of society. It may still not be clear to many western feminists, but the preconditions for addressing women’s issues were something the women of East Central Europe won only in 1989. Since then, a lively civil society and gender studies have developed.

(Osteuropa 2-3/2009, pp. 167–172)