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In Osteuropa 4/2009

“Only Art Can Set Us Free”
Vladimir Tarnopol’skii on His Work and the World

Tarnopol’skij Vladimir

Deutsche Fassung


In conversation with Kerstin Holm, composer Vladimir Tarnopol’skii recalls the era of castrated culture, when the performance of a Schütz cantata was an act of resistance, recognizes in the popularity of minimal music in the East a capitulation to the technical sophistication of new music in the West, and analyses the correlation of the lack of ideas in art, society, and technology. He looks back on his search for his own compositional language, sometimes misses a reverberation of real problems in Western music, is fascinated by complicated sounds made by acoustic and electronic elements as well as noises, and professes a “new euphony”.

(Osteuropa 4/2009, pp. 85–92)