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In Osteuropa 1/2010

Russia’s Simulated Federalism
Regional Policy under Medvedev

Olaf Leiße, Ksenia Chepikova

Deutsche Fassung


According to its constitution, Russia is a federation. But this federalism exists only on paper. President Vladimir Putin pushed through a recentralisation of the state that relegated the regions to the political periphery and the regional elites to statists in the political process. Contrary to his pronouncements, President Dmitrii Medvedev continues to strengthen the vertical structure of power by placing the communities under the guardianship of the centre as well. At the same time, the party United Russia is increasingly becoming an instrument by which the regions are controlled. With that, Putin, as party chairman, keeps the reins in his hands.

(Osteuropa 1/2010, pp. 15–26)