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In Osteuropa 10/2010

The Effects of EU Accession
Transition Countries in East Central and Eastern Europe in Compari-son

Jens Alber, Anne Christine Holtmann, Susanne Marquardt

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The influence of the European Union on the economic development, institutional order, and social policy of the post-Communist transition countries as well as the quality of life in these countries varies greatly. According to proximity to the EU, four groups can be distinguished: new member states, accession candidates, countries with or countries without the prospect of accession. An analysis of ten basic empirical indicators shows that the effects of accession in economic development and rule of law are apparent. In social policy and quality of life, by contrast, they can hardly be discerned; here the EU has only weak means of control at its disposal.

(Osteuropa 10/2010, pp. 3–32)