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In Osteuropa 2-4/2010

At the Crossroads
Migration from, to, and through Ukraine

Olena Malynovs’ka

Deutsche Fassung


Transnational migration is a major factor in the development of Ukrainian society. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many people from the post-Soviet states returned to Ukraine, among them the Crimean Tartars, who were deported under Stalin. By contrast, Jews left the country for Israel. The ethnic migration is largely over. Today, millions of Ukrainians are leaving their country in order to work in Russia as well as East-Central and Southern Europe. Their transfers are of great economic significance. The social consequences, however, are disastrous, because many migrant workers leave behind their children. The importance of Ukraine as a transit country for migrants is, however, often overestimated. The borders are today largely secured. Therefore, faced with the demographic crisis, Ukraine should primarily see to the return of the migrant workers.

(Osteuropa 2-4/2010, pp. 427–442)