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In Osteuropa 6/2010

Rapprochement without Reconciliation
Movement in Armenian-Turkish Relations

Aschot L. Manutscharjan

Deutsche Fassung


The 2009 Armenian-Turkish protocols on the establishment of diplomatic relations and the opening of borders could mean a new start in the historically burdened bilateral relations between these two peoples. But the old matters of dispute stand in the way of ratification and real rapprochement. Erivan insists that Turkey recognize the genocide against the Armenians in 1915–1923. Ankara continues to demand that Armenia withdraw its troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, a Turkish ally. That the protocol was signed at all is owed to Turkey’s interest in establishing itself as a regional power and Armenia’s need extricate itself from dependency on its strategic partner Russia.

(Osteuropa 6/2010, pp. 99–116)