Cover Osteuropa 2/2012

In Osteuropa 2/2012

New Profile, Fragile Consensus
The Security Policy of the Visegrad Group

Michal Kořan

Deutsche Fassung


Eastern Europe is in danger of slipping to the periphery of Europe. The reasons are the United States’ slow retreat from Europe and the European Union’s crisis. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary are trying to counter this risk by enhancing cooperation within the Visegrad Group. They are coordinating their policies towards their eastern neighbours and trying to pursue an independent security policy. At the same time, however, the centrifugal tendencies of the EU crisis are growing stronger. Poland is playing an increasingly important role in European politics; the importance of the three small states by contrast is decreasing.

(Osteuropa 2/2012, pp. 107–116)