Cover Osteuropa 7/2013

In Osteuropa 7/2013

Change Rather than Ingratiation
Germany’s Russia Policy Put to the Test

Andreas Heinemann-Grüder

Deutsche Fassung


The more closely the “Putin system” resembles an authoritarian political order, the more urgent the question of what kind of Russia policy is adequate becomes. The détente of the 1970s is inadequate. The international framework, the political system, and the elite’s logic of action in today’s Russia have changed fundamentally. German politicians should abandon the idea of transforming Russia from the outside. Instead, it is important to concentrate on what is possible: cooperation in security policy in regional conflicts, disarmament and arms control, confidence-building measures. Human-rights violations may not go unmentioned. Those who stand up for democratic change in Russia and are then persecuted deserve support, right to the granting of asylum.

(Osteuropa 7/2013, pp. 179–223)