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In Osteuropa 1/2014

Research on Germany without Books
An Absence of Books in Russia, Hardships for Researchers

Lorenz Erren

Deutsche Fassung


Russian historians of Germany face a problem. Russia’s research libraries now barely acquire German-language books. This finding also applies to other languages and disciplines. The decline continues despite the economic boom. The fact that some libraries have access to periodical databases does not compensate for this. Only a few benefit from them, because there is a lack of infrastructure and transparency for users. Serious scholarly work or even participation in international research is impossible under these conditions. State policy is responsible for this absence of books. It is grotesque that years celebrating German-Russian cultural exchange are observed and strategic partnerships evoked, while today, fewer books are acquired than during the Brezhnev era. Relief is needed.

(Osteuropa 1/2014, pp. 89–98)