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In Osteuropa 3/2015

Emancipation and Self-assertion
The Ukrainian Question, the West, and Russia

Adam Krzemiński

Deutsche Fassung


The new Ukraine recalls the old Polish republic not only in its multi-ethnic and multi-religious character. The Euromaidan’s struggle for Western values also stands in the republican tradition. What was the “Polish question” in the 19th and 20th centuries is today “the Ukrainian question”: the drive of a patronized people for emancipation and self-assertion. The question whether a democratic Ukraine governed by rule of law is more important than raw materials from Siberia, is a test case for the West. The much-maligned European Union has withstood the test and proven more capable of acting than expected. Those who believe in a revival of the Tsarist-Stalinist empire have the short end of the stick.

(Osteuropa 3/2015, pp. 3–23)