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Russia from the South Korean Perspective
Trends and Perspectives in Research

Joonseo Song

Deutsche Fassung


The beginnings of serious Russia Studies in South Korea go back only to the 1970s. Interest was limited to foreign policy and history of the revolution. Narratives rarely went beyond research results already introduced in Western countries. It was only during Perestroika that South Korea and the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations; after that, the Soviet Union moved into the focus of research. Only since the 1990s has South Korea’s Russian Studies developed its own profile: it was now pos-sible for Korean students to study in Russia. Second, Russian-language literature was no longer in short supply. Third, Korean scholars, supported not least by their government, now carried out research in Russia and with Russian sources. Since then, Korean academics have had access to international Russian Studies.

(Osteuropa 5-6/2015, pp. 193–205)