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In Osteuropa 6-7/2016

Against Propaganda and Lies Principles and Prospects

Jevhen Fedčenko, Viktorija Romanjuk, Marija Ždanova

Deutsche Fassung


When Russia annexed the Crimea and plunged eastern Ukraine into war, it simultaneously launched a propaganda campaign. To combat the disinformation and false reporting, instructors and students at the Mohyla School of Journalism in Kiev organised the information portal Stop.Fake in March 2014. Stop.Fake uncovered over 1,000 cases of manipulation and lies from Russian sources. Every day, some 130,000 readers visit the portal, which no longer exposes fake stories, but stands for quality journalism. It sees prospects in exploring the tension between politics, propaganda, and publishing.

(Osteuropa 6-7/2016, pp. 205–213)