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In Osteuropa 3-4/2017

No to a Separate Peace
A Reply to the Concept of “Plural Peace”

Andreas Heinemann-Grüder

Deutsche Fassung


It is pertinent to ask how the current confrontation between Russia and the West can be overcome. However, the recommendation by peace researchers Spanger and Dembinski for a new policy towards Russia fails to convince. The notion of a “plural peace” is no more than a re-labelling of the “multipolar peace” à la russe. Their arguments amount to a guarantee of the continued existence of an autocratic regime in the name of pluralism. They offer a formula from the Cold War, namely peaceful coexistence along Soviet lines: the acceptance of zones of influence and a Russian cordon sanitaire at the expense of the states in “Zwischeneuropa”.

(Osteuropa 3-4/2017, pp. 103–108)