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In Osteuropa 5/2017

Anti-Semitism as fact and stereotype
Jews in Ukraine: an interview

Josyf Zisel’s, Iza Chruślińska

Deutsche Fassung


Since Ukraine gained independence, the Jewish population in the country has experienced a period of profound change. “Soviet Jews”, whose identity was to a great extent defined by the state’s and society’s anti-Semitism, initially became “Jews from Ukraine”, who led a kind of insular existence, and then “Ukrainian Jews”. The latter combine a vivid awareness of the Jewish religion, culture and tradition with unconditional loyalty to an independent, democratic Ukraine. Today, the anti-Semitism that was so prevalent in the Soviet Union no longer plays a role in Ukraine. Anti-Semitic attitudes as part of a xenophobic worldview can be found among right-wing radical forces, although their influence overall is limited. They are counteracted by education measures and the level of commitment that the younger generation of Ukrainian Jews feel towards their country.

(Osteuropa 5/2017, pp. 87–90)