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Use or protect?
Conflicts about architectural cultural heritage in Georgia

Jörg Stadelbauer

Deutsche Fassung


Georgia is proud of its varied landscape between the Rioni lowlands and the peaks of the Greater Caucasus, between the moist Black Sea coast and the dry steppes in the east, between open agricultural landscapes and huge tracts of forest. It is also proud of its rich architectural cultural heritage, which offers potential for tourism. Therefor Georgia wishes to have this heritage recognised internationally. However, this frequently leads to conflicts, since different interests collide with each other: local and national, economic and conservational. State authorities, commercial businesses from different sectors, the church, the local population and national and international monument preservationists all wrestle with each other. In some places, a fragile balance has been achieved, while in others, cultural heritage sites have been destroyed.

(Osteuropa 7/2018, pp. 47–77)