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Against the “degradation of the nation”
The campaign against musicians in Russia’s regions

Evgenij Kazakov

Deutsche Fassung


In the autumn of 2018, 40 concerts were forbidden in Russia. In musical and political terms, an extremely wide range of different artists were affected. What they have in common is that they mainly attract a young audience. The method used followed a particular pattern: “outraged parents” contacted the local authorities and demanded that the performances be banned in order to protect minors from “destructive content”. Frequently, the police did indeed intervene, and in some cases, even the FSB or special units from the Ministry of the Interior. However, it is not a battle against the opposition that forms the backdrop to this campaign, but rather measures against hip-hoppers and rappers and a case of “moral panic”. The state is battling against purely fictitious risks with real means. In this way, the political leadership tries to increase its legitimacy.

(Osteuropa 5/2019, pp. 107–121)