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In Osteuropa 9-11/2019

The X-syndrome and anti-Semitism
A conversation on German-Israeli relations

Tamara Or

Deutsche Fassung


German-Israeli relations are suffering from an X-syndrome. For a long time, both states and societies moved towards each other, but for several years, they have grown increasingly apart. One reason is that the link between historical responsibility and the promise of security leads to false expectations. A further problem is the image of Israel in Germany, which helps enable the AfD, as an anti-Semitic, right-wing party, to style itself as a pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish bastion against anti-Semitism. When the interests of Germany and Israel are viewed impartially, it can be seen that they have much in common, and are already being realised today. The challenge is to view these relations in a global light and to put them into practice locally. For this purpose, the same population groups must become involved which are becoming increasingly important in both societies, but which play almost no role in terms of these relations. Not least among these groups are the Russian speakers in Germany and Israel.

(Osteuropa 9-11/2019, pp. 369–374)