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In Osteuropa 9-11/2019

Distanced friends
Germany and Israel

Steffen Hagemann

Deutsche Fassung


German-Israeli relations are inseparably linked to the remembrance of the Holocaust. Despite this heavy burden, it has been possible to establish a relationship that is considered by both sides to be a friendship. It is based on shared values and the democratic order, and includes the willingness to show political solidarity with each other. However, it is not clear how much substance there is to this solidarity, or how far it might extend. Recently, Israel and Germany have moved further apart from each other. This is due to political differences, different interests and conflicting values. There are disagreements over attitudes to the two-state solution, the building of settlements, the Iranian nuclear programme and illiberal tendencies under Prime Minister Netanyahu.

(Osteuropa 9-11/2019, pp. 411–428)