Cover Osteuropa 9-11/2019

In Osteuropa 9-11/2019

“Megaphone diplomacy is not enough”
Israel, Russia and expectations of Germany

Shimon Stein

Deutsche Fassung


Shimon Stein, Israel’s former ambassador to Germany, admits that by now, Germans and Israelis expect very little from each other, regards illiberal tendencies in Israel as being a further symptom of the erosion of the liberal order that can also be observed in the west, and analyses the differences between the interests of Israel and Russia in the Middle East. He also claims that there is no political will in Moscow to become involved in building a post-war Syria, and that Russia is incapable of presenting itself as an influential major power in the Middle East. He demands more political engagement from Germany and the EU, and contends that it is illusory to believe that a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an essential prerequisite for security and peace in the Middle East. However, in his view, the act of occupation is harmful to the Israeli soul.

(Osteuropa 9-11/2019, pp. 35–41)