Cover Osteuropa 10-12/2021

In Osteuropa, 10-12/2021

Problems in the Arctic
The US and EU Sanctions against Russia

Timur Machmutov, Darija Polosina, Anastasija Kosivec

Deutsche Fassung


Despite constructive relations in the Arctic Council, many council members imposed sanctions on Russia after 2014. They hit Russia’s energy sector, banning the supply, export, and reimport of goods and technologies, as well as the services needed to extract oil from deep waters, the Arctic region, and shale deposits. Russia is technologically dependent on Western partners for drilling rigs, pipelines and well equipment, power generation facilities, and software. It will take time for Russia to overcome this dependence and substitute its own technology. It is not expected that economic activity aimed at developing oil and gas deposits in the Arctic will increase significantly.

(Osteuropa, 10-12/2021, pp. 201–210)