Cover Osteuropa 10-12/2021

In Osteuropa, 10-12/2021

Sanctions and Counter-Sanctions
The Economic Impact of Decoupling Policies

Iikka Korhonen

Deutsche Fassung


The sanctions imposed on Russia have an effect on the country’s foreign trade and on the inflow of direct investments. This has been proven in many studies. The exact extent is in dispute. What is certain is that fluctuations in the price of oil have a far greater influence on Russia's economy. Russia’s response has been import substitution. But counter-sanctions in the agricultural sector have also led to a certain loss of prosperity. In the high-tech sector, it is becoming apparent that Russia today is having greater difficulties in keeping up with permanent devel-opment. However, a change of policy in Moscow is unlikely.

(Osteuropa, 10-12/2021, pp. 211–220)