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In Osteuropa 4-6/2021

Dream, Nightmare, Reality
The Czech Republic’s European Policy

Zdeněk Sychra

Deutsche Fassung


Czech society’s relationship to European integration has changed considerably over the past three decades. After accession to the EU in 2004, a decade of enthusiasm was followed by ten years, during which Czech politics looked to Brussels, partly sobered, partly disillusioned, and domestic critics of the EU gained a greater hearing. The euro crisis and especially the issue of migration have led to a further cooling. Today, Czech politics is cultivating a pragmatic rela-tionship with the European Union and seeks to derive advantages from its membership. But, in reality, many Czechs see European institutions as a foreign and threatening power that is undermining state sovereignty and social values.

(Osteuropa 4-6/2021, pp. 205–218)