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The Human Rights Situation in Belarus

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The Belarusian state reacted to the peaceful demonstrations that followed the August 2020 elections with brutality and mass arrests. The first to be arrested were those who stood at the forefront of the protest movement. Then thousands of those who participated in the demonstrations were arrested and put in detention centers for several days or weeks. There followed the arrest of more and more people against whom criminal proceedings were opened. Since the spring of 2021, the Ministry of the Interior and the judiciary have been destroying the structures of civil society. Almost 300 organisations have been forcibly dissolved. The Viasna Human Rights Center reports daily on human rights violations and repression. Osteuropa documents their monthly reports for October and November 2021 and lists the Belarusian societal organisations that have been forcibly dissolved.

(Osteuropa 8-9/2021, pp. 77–85)