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In Osteuropa 1-3/2022

Ukraine Is Winning the War …
And the West Doesn’t Want to Recognize It

Eliot A. Cohen

Deutsche Fassung


Contrary to what most professional observers expected, Russia did not achieve a lightning victory in its war of aggression on Ukraine. To the contrary, Russia’s troops suffered enormous losses in just a few weeks, and the attack on Kyiv failed. The Ukrainian army is highly motivated and well led and is skilfully employing tactics. Combat groups of light infantry outfitted with anti-tank weapons, drones, and artillery have repeatedly defeated much larger Russian formations. This is due to tactical mistakes on the part of the Russian army, deficiencies in logistics and maintenance, and the lack of a competent NCO corps. Ukraine can win the war.

(Osteuropa 1-3/2022, pp. 179–183)