Cover Osteuropa 11/2022

In Osteuropa 11/2022

Western Intelligence Services and Russia’s War against Ukraine

Georg Mascolo

Deutsche Fassung


Russia’s war against Ukraine has confronted Western intelligence services with an emergency scenario. Their skills and capabilities for gaining information about Russia’s intentions and the military situation are being put to the test. The intelligence services’ successes can help win the war. Their failures con-tribute to losing the war. Western intelligence services are supporting Ukraine with their findings, helping with logistics, and monitoring sanctions. The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is considered a institution unto itself when it comes to gathering intelligence about Russia. At the same time, it faces shortcomings as an intelligence service. In the political decision-making process, it plays a subordinate role. Confrontation with Russia will continue after the war as well. Understanding what the Kremlin is thinking and planning remains crucial.

(Osteuropa 11/2022, pp. 35–44)