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In Osteuropa 12/2022

Foreign Companies in Russia
A Portrait of Customs and Mores from the Year of War 2022

Katja Michajlovskaja

Deutsche Fassung


Many foreign companies left Russia after its attack on Ukraine in February 2022. But appearances are deceiving: many corporations are still active in Russia, especially in the agricultural, food and pharmaceutical sectors. They had to struggle with logistical problems and experienced a boom in demand. They adapted corporate strategies and developed justification strategies. The atmosphere within the labour force has also changed. Employees are contextualising themselves with new views of themselves and the world in a country that is committing war crimes every day. The spectrum ranges from indignation, which is openly expressed in circles of like-minded people, to repression and jingoism. Nobody wants to make any personal sacrifices for the fatherland.

(Osteuropa 12/2022, pp. 79–93)