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In Osteuropa 6-8/2022

Attacks on Cultural Heritage
Ukrainian Libraries in Russia’s War

Svitlana Kravčenko

Deutsche Fassung


There are nearly 15,000 public libraries in Ukraine. In 2022, after being closed due to Corona, they were supposed to once again become places to promote reading, encourage learning, and facilitate encounters. But Russia’s war thwarted those plans. In defiance of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property, libraries have also been the target of artillery and missile attacks. The destruction, damage, and loss of inventory are lamentable. The situation in the occupied territories is unclear. In the areas where there is no active fighting, libraries are going about their work. Moreover, they often coordinate the efforts of volunteers supporting displaced persons and soldiers on the front lines.

(Osteuropa 6-8/2022, pp. 211–216)