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Heterotopia and One’s Own Territory
The Donbass in the Work of Serhii Zhadan

Tamara Hundorova

Deutsche Fassung


The Donbass has played a central role in Serhii Zhadan’s work from the very start. In his most recent novel Orphanage (Ukr. – Internat, 2017), as well as in Voroshilovgrad (Ukr. – Voroshylovhrad, 2010), Ukraine’s eastern borderland provides both setting and subject. Zhadan depicts it as a territory of emptiness, a geographical and historical space of transition – but not as a no-man’s-land. Real and mental migration mould this region, and that is what makes it a genuinely European territory. Defending it as one’s own territory – this literary message from 2010 has taken on a very concrete and extremely urgent meaning twelve years later.

(Osteuropa 6-8/2022, pp. 341–352)