Cover Osteuropa 3-4/2023

In Osteuropa, 3-4/2023

The Crimean War and its consequences

Leonid Luks

Deutsche Fassung


Russia’s Crimean War, from 1853 to 1856, has similarities with Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine. In each case, those responsible assumed false premises. They underestimated the their opponents and misjudged the West’s ability to act. Putin and Russian propaganda portray Europe as decadent and see it in decline. Nikolai I and his mouthpieces spread similar theses. The determination with which Britain and France reacted to Russia’s aggressive actions caused astonishment at the St. Petersburg court in 1853. Before its invasion of Ukraine, the Putin regime may have also failed to expect a decisive reaction from the Europeans and the United States.

(Osteuropa, 3-4/2023, pp. 27–40)