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A new musical cosmos
Anne-Sophie Mutter on Witold Lutoslawski

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Manfred Sapper

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The world-famous violin virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter remembers going through agony before the premiere of Chain II. She had to struggle with the strange new hieroglyphics in Witold Lutoslawski's score, but even today the marvellous sounds and colours of his music still enchant her. Lutoslawski opened the door for Mutter onto the language of contemporary classical music and new freedom as a performer. She disdains any schematic divisions of music into tendencies, eras or national schools, and pleads the case for music that unfolds from silence. "We really need such music, since the world is very loud indeed!"

(Web Special, pp. 1–6)

Full text file (PDF, 363 kB)