Cover Osteuropa 8-10/2008

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The Impact of Knowledge
The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

Gershon David Hundert

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Since the end of the Cold War, interest in the history and culture of East European Jews has grown enormously. Access to archives has opened up new research opportunities. The YIVO Institute of Jewish Research has used them. Together with over 400 scholars, YIVO has produced the first encyclopaedia of East European Jewry. The results are significant. The encyclopaedia lays bare all the layers and diversity of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. Work on the encyclopaedia has also shown where the gaps in our knowledge of East European Jewry remain. Furthermore, this project is by implication a compendium of Jewish Studies in the world.

(Special Issue, pp. 75–87)

Full text file (PDF, 290 kB)