Cover Osteuropa 8-10/2008

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Traces of Transit
Jewish Artists from Eastern Europe in Berlin

Marina Dmitrieva

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In the 1920s, Berlin was a hub for the transfer of culture between Eastern Europe, Paris, and New York. The German capital hosted Jewish artists from Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, where the Kultur-Liga was founded in 1918, but forced into line by Soviet authorities in 1924. Among these artists were figures such as Nathan Altman, Henryk Berlewi, El Lissitzky, Marc Chagall, and Issachar Ber Ryback. Once here, they became representatives of Modernism. At the same time, they made original contributions to the Jewish renaissance. Their creations left indelible traces on Europe’s artistic landscape.

(Special Issue, pp. 143–156)

Full text file (PDF, 585 kB)