Titelbild Osteuropa Migration, Identity, Politics/2020

Aus Special Issue

Loss of Homeland, Belonging, Responsibility
Motifs of post-migrant Jewish literature

Micha Brumlik


Today, Jewish culture is one voice among many in Germany’s immi-grant society. At the same time, it is still marked by the memory of the Shoah. Thus, it combines Germany’s National Socialist past with its cosmopolitan present. This is reflected in literary works by au-thors such as Katya Petrovskaya, Lena Gorelik, Olga Grjasnowa, Oleg Yurev and Dmitry Kapitelman. On the one hand, as immigrants from the Soviet Union and its successor states, their shared socio-cultural background is very different from that of the Jewish community in post-war Germany. On the other hand, in their post-migrant writing, they process similar experiences in very different ways. Generational affiliation and gender roles play an important role here.

(Special Issue, S. 117–130)