Titelbild Osteuropa Migration, Identity, Politics/2020

Aus Special Issue

“Megaphone diplomacy is not enough”
Israel, Russia and expectations of Germany

Israel, Russia and expectations of Germany


Shimon Stein, Israel’s former ambassador to Germany, states that Germans and Israelis have limited expectations of each other; and that the illiberal tendencies in Israel are part of the same erosion of the liberal order which can be observed in the West. Stein analyses the differences in interests between Israel and Russia in the Middle East and takes a pessimistic view of Moscow’s political desire to participate in the reconstruction of post-war Syria and its ability to act as a shaping power in the Middle East. He calls for more engagement from Germany and the EU. To Stein, the widespread belief that the key to peace and security in the Middle East lies in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an illusion. But, he says, the practice of occupation is eroding Israel’s soul.

(Special Issue, S. 33–39)