Titelbild Osteuropa Migration, Identity, Politics/2020

Aus Special Issue

The diaspora of Russian-speaking Jews
Political attitudes and political influence

Vladimir (Ze’ev) Khanin


Over two million Jews have emigrated from the Soviet Union and its successor states over the past 50 years. In almost all the countries where they have found a home, a majority of them vote for right-wing liberal, conservative and national-conservative parties. But their political influence is limited. It is only in particularly tight elections in the USA that their votes can tip the scales. But the situation in Israel is different. There, this group plays an important role in politics. Avigdor Lieberman’s party Yisra’el Beitenu, whose core voter base is the Russian-speaking population of Israel, at once represents their interests and outlooks, and addresses issues that are relevant to Israeli society as a whole. That is why other parties also chase this electoral group.

(Special Issue, S. 107–115)