Titelbild Osteuropa Migration, Identity, Politics/2020

Aus Special Issue

The X Syndrome and Antisemitism
On German-Israeli Relations

Tamara Or


German-Israeli relations suffer from an X syndrome. For a while, the societies and their governments were moving ever closer. Several years ago, they began to grow apart. One reason is the tying of Germany’s historical responsibility to a promise of security for Israel, which has led to false expectations. Another problem is the German idea of Israel, whose distortions have helped make it possible for the far-right, antisemitic AfD to brand itself as a pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish bulwark again antisemitism. A sober look at Germany and Israel shows that they have many interests in common and are already pursuing them together today. The challenge is to think of the relations globally and live them locally. This requires the integration of groups – Russian-speaking Jews in particular – who, though they are becoming increasingly important in both societies, scarcely play a role in German-Israeli relations.

(Special Issue, S. 145–150)