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Volunteers for civil society
The education programmes of the Deutsch-Russischer Austausch

Stephan Malerius, Eveline Odermatt

Deutsche Fassung


Since its foundation in 1992 the DRA has coordinated support programmes for 7 NGO support centres, over 1250 NGOs and more than 10 000 youth workers, journalists and lawyers in Eastern Europe. The DRA’s conception of its own work is closely linked to civic education in a broad sense of the term. The DRA aims at strengthening and imparting tolerance and critical faculties in East European and German societies. A good example is provided by the volunteer exchange programmes intended to support young people who are interested in political and social development in their countries. The DRA arranges long-term internships in German and East European NGOs, and also organises a special course of civic education for young volunteers in Berlin and St. Petersburg.

(Osteuropa 8/2005, pp. 175–184)