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In Osteuropa 4/2006

Think Globally, Store Locally?
Russia and the Nuclear Waste Problem

Robert G. Darst, Jane I. Dawson

Deutsche Fassung


In June 2004, Russia went public with a proposal for setting up on its territory a permanent disposal facility for nuclear waste from around the world. In terms of technical feasibility and security policy, a central disposal facility is desirable. But it is questionable whether Russia meets the necessary safety standards for storing radioactive material in an environmentally sound way and protecting it against misuse and terrorist attacks. Moral doubts are also in order, since the Russian government has so far ignored domestic opposition to such a disposal facility. The more Russia shows itself willing to work with the international community, the more likely it is that these deficits will be offset.

(Osteuropa 4/2006, pp. 221–234)