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In Osteuropa 4-5/2008

The Myth of Rebirth
Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century

Mycle Schneider, Lutz Mez

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Talk of a nuclear power renaissance is making the rounds. There are 439 nuclear power plants in operation in 31 countries. They account for 16 percent of global electricity production. That is less than the contribution made by renewable forms of energy. The United States, France, Japan and Germany account for two thirds of nuclear power plant performance, threshold and developing countries make up 4 percent. Over 300 reactors will have to be replaced by 2030, in order to maintain today’s nuclear power plant performance. Due to aged personnel, a lack of training capacity and production shortages, the industry faces problems that can hardly be overcome. Due to the liberalisation of the electricity industry, new nuclear power plants can hardly be financed. The alleged advantage in climate protection is also questionable. In Europe at least, the renaissance of nuclear power is a myth.

(Osteuropa 4-5/2008, pp. 315–328)